Carol knows. And she will offer her opinion in the best sense of all that is assertive. Ask her a question, you always get a thoughtful answer. Her coffee of choice? "New Guinea because of how much the flavors change based on the roast..." Light, medium, dark roast: Each teases out a new personality.

The day Lauren stepped into Nine Flags Coffee Roasters, a sweetness came right in with her. Her coffee? "Mexico, because of the slight sweetness and nuttiness. It is always smooth and easy..."

Lilly is as smooth and pleasant as her favorite coffee, Costa Rica. She loves its "... smoothness and drinkability. It's so good by itself first thing in the morning..."

Jesse = calm. He loves all the fun stories he hears as a barista. Jesse loves to work with leather, but his dream is to one day be a blacksmith. An adventurer, he went to on a mission trip to Guatemala and it's his favorite 9 Flags coffee.